Choosing the Right Dusting Method

Eliminating dust is imperative to maintaining a clean and healthy home or work environment. When deciding on the best dusting method to use, you have several choices depending on your needs. These methods fall into the following three main categories:

1) Wiping the Dust Away: Dust is removed with a polishing cloth, microfiber cloth, dusting sponge, brush, or (non-feather) dusting wand like lambskin, wool, or synthetic material.

2) Air Vacuuming or Blowing the Dust Away: Dust is removed by vacuuming or blowing the dust away with compressed air cans, specialty hoses and attachments

3) Using Feather Dusting Wands: Dust is removed by using natural bird feathers like turkey or ostrich feathers.

Each category above has its place when it comes to dusting. Wiping is good for broad, open spaces like tables, floors, and ceilings, but is not effective for getting around trinkets or hard-to-reach areas. Air vacuuming or blowing is good for small nooks and crannies like keyboards or other confined spaces, but can be expensive to buy (compressed air can), or a hassle to set-up, plug in and maneuver. Dusting wands made of bird feathers are most popular because they combine the best of both worlds. They can clean large, open areas when needed, yet the feather tips can easily reach between trinkets and confined areas as well. Additionally, there is nothing to plug in or set up, and a well-cared for duster can last for years.

For these reasons, the most popular form of dusting tool for janitorial and house-cleaning companies tends to be feather dusters, with genuine “ostrich” feathers being the favorite. Although there are some dusters made of turkey or other types of feathers, due to the nature of the ostrich feather itself, ostrich dusters are far and away the most popular.

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